Importance of 4th Quarter Promos on Social Media

November 15, 2016

Welcoming the holiday season is a tall task for retailers. Foot traffic is increasing, promotions are heating up, and the workload is through the roof. Executing a successful 4th quarter can be the difference between having a good year versus having a great year and that is exactly why you need to do everything possible to ensure that the quarter is a success. One of the variables this season is social media promotions on Facebook. If executed properly social media marketing strategies during the holiday season can increase sales dramatically and help your business finish the year on a strong note.

1. Social Media is Designed for Promotions

The number one way to drive customers to your social media pages and to your stores are promotions. If you’re running Black Friday deals, Christmas specials, or end of the year sales the best way you can promote them is via social media through ad campaigns or promotional posts.

2. Shoppers are Looking to Shop Online this Holiday Season

Cyber Monday anyone? The holiday season is the best time of year for online shopping. And now is the best time to start promoting. It’s your time to convince shoppers that beating the Christmas crowds is a worthy investment.

3. Competition is Fierce

Getting an upper hand on other retailers is crucial to 4th quarter success and social media is a place that many retailers are neglecting to utilize. By taking full advantage of it you are giving your stores a competitive edge over the rest.

4. Digital Coupons are Trending

More than ever people are looking to save a dollar. The economy is shaky and the holidays can be very difficult on many families. Saving money is an important objective when it comes to holiday shopping and offering value is key to gaining more customers. Digital coupons on social media is a great way to share exclusive promotions that can drive traffic to your stores this holiday season.

This holiday season social media should be a high priority on your marking list. It’s the perfect way to gain a competitive edge and engage with new customers. It’s also a perfect time to share your exclusive promotions to the social media community since everyone is on the lookout for deals to save a buck. Take advantage of 4th quarter and get your social media pages on track.