8 Seconds or Bust

November 29, 2016

The average Americans attention span is 8 seconds. And we can't imagine that number will grow larger. For advertisers this can be daunting. And this means a lot to your business. Getting the attention of users on social media is growing harder and harder. And with all of the noise it's important now more than ever to be heard. So what steps can you take to be heard to successfully gain the attention of customers on social media? 

1. Targeted Sponsored Advertisement

Facebook boosts and direct ads are an extremely effective way to target users and be seen and heard. They can also be easily integrated into Instagram (a big plus for visual businesses) and start for as low as $5 a day to run and test different messaging. 

2. Test Your Messaging and Imagery 

One of the most critical mistakes that businesses make when spending money on social media advertising is failing to invest in testing different messaging and imagery. Almost all brands will need to spend money early on testing what resonates more with their customer base. Once they've understood what users are more likely to interact with, then they can start to allocate more money and test their spend versus reward. 

3. Choose Your Audience Wisely

Defining your audience is Important. You will want to take many factors into consideration when deciding who your audience is. Firstly, you'll have to ask yourself a series of questions. 

Who, what, where, and how? Who are you attempting to sell to and what? Where is your product or services available and how can they buy them?

Once you've drawn this out you can then begin to fill in the blanks. It's important to be targeted on the right generation, the right location, and what you're trying to accomplish. This will determine how much success your campaign has. 

4. Drive Users to Subscribe 

This one is a biggie! Why? Because once you've successfully got the attention of interested users this is your way to keep their attention for free. 

Getting users to subscribe via incentive is the best way to grab the attention of your business. And the best way to make this happen is by making it worth their while. 

Make sure your users have reason to follow your business pages. This can be with great content, promotions, contests, giveaways or preferably a mixture of all of the above. 

Either way it's important to have your customers eager to drop you an email, a like, a follow etc...

As the attention span of Americans continues to dwindle it's your job as a business owner to be savvy about how you draw positive attention to your brand. With the proper team, commitment, and social media know-how this process can be easily implemented. And your business can start to make use of those sacred 8 seconds!