Social Reviews Influence Purchasing Decisions

November 08, 2016

70% of consumers are looking at online reviews before making a purchase (Fortune) And if you’re slinging gadgets this holiday season that is a big deal! It’s a number that has to have you looking into your brands online reputation because reviews matter now more than ever.

This number continues to grow, and as it does retailers and brands alike need to be more and more focused on generating more reviews, especially more positive reviews. Doing this is a drawn out process, but it’s also a very easy and affordable one. And it starts with taking control of your social media and then further educating your employees.

There are four major online outlets where reviews are being generated:

  1.   Facebook
  2.  Yelp
  3.  Amazon
  4.  Google

Retailers are getting a ton of reviews pouring into their Facebook and Yelp pages. Mostly regarding their experience in store. Amazon is generating thousands of product reviews every day and these product reviews are not only effecting performance with online sales but also the performance of sales at the retail level. Being privy to these reviews can make or break a business. Firstly, there is usually credibility, barring a few people that always have bad things to say, most of the negative chatter about your store or brand should be used constructively to better your product, brand or services.

But the number one thing you can start doing today is driving your satisfied and loyal customers to social media to create positive reviews. This will offset most of the negative chatter and bring about a refreshing amount of positivity. Many people will forgive a few bad reviews if they see several good ones.

55% of consumers either rarely leave a review or never leave a review. (Fortune) That means that more than half of shoppers are not making an impact on reviews though almost 75% of them are being influenced. It’s within that 55% that your store can drive more positive reviews. They just need an incentive from your organization.

For retailers the solution is simple. Leverage your employees to urge shoppers to leave a positive review. And make sure it’s worth their while. This may be with a specific promotion, a contest or give-away, or some sort of event that will not only drive customers to your social media pages, but will excite them to leave a positive review about their experience.

This all works for your business. Though you can’t influence the reviews of all products sold at your store you can influence the reviews of your actual store. And leverage those positive reviews to help customers chose the right gadget this holiday season!