Clean Up Your Social Media Mess

January 12, 2015

TracPoint recently conducted an in depth review of over 1000 wireless retail social media pages.

Our findings show an overwhelming trend of poor social media presence throughout the industry.


98% of All Wireless Retail Locations on Facebook Are Either Unclaimed or Poorly Branded.

If your customers search your business, what do they see? Retailers with several locations often struggle keeping track of all their social media pages, often letting pages go unclaimed or branded poorly. With TracPoint’s Rallio technology, we can now clean up your social media mess and provide you with an all-in-one platform to manage all your social media.

95% of All Poor Reviews Are Unanswered.

Do you know what your customers say about your store? Negative comments and reviews can really hurt a business. Whether it’s because pages are unclaimed or just not seeing the reviews as they come in, almost all negative reviews are not responded to. TracPoint’s social media platform allows wireless retailers to view all their reviews in one place. Making sure all reviews are met with the appropriate

Less Than 10% of Wireless Retailers Post Content on a Regular Basis.

Is your business becoming irrelevant on social media? How often are you posting on social media? If it’s not daily, or even weekly, you’re not alone. Managing several pages on many different sites is a daunting task. TracPoint’s Rallio technology platform allows you to post and schedule content for all your social media on a single site!

Nearly All Business Owners with Multiple Locations Struggle with How to Manage Their Social Media.

Social Media posts need to be consistent and engaging. Negative reviews need to be caught right away and dealt with appropriately. All wireless retailers need a tool to help manage their brand and create a positive social media following.