Why Grocery is Going Social and What Retailers Should Know

January 27, 2016

It’s time to face the facts, social media is changing human behavior and shaping the way we think. This is a scary reality, having huge implications on the way retail groceries will have to do business. Industry leaders have already recognized this launching mobile apps for customers, utilizing Twitter as a means of customer service, and spending marketing dollars in an attempt to connect with their followers. But for most of us social media is still “the wild wild west” and nobody truly knows how to hone such a powerful tool. There is difficulty pinpointing ROI, connecting with manufacturers, and keeping brands clean and consistent. Regardless of the confusion, the industry will have to adapt and evolve and those who act now will see the long-term benefits. The statistics show that social media is becoming the most reliable source of information concerning customer purchases. And those who understand social media are seeing the benefits, while those who don’t are losing customer loyalty, sales, and brand recognition.

social media benefits