5 Steps to Better Content and Customer Engagement

April 26, 2016

With the exception of a few companies that have really drilled into what makes for a successful social media campaign, most companies are really struggling. There are many reasons as to why and there is no cookie cutter solution for ALL businesses.

Content selection may be the deciding factor in regard to engagement, and ultimately growing an active network. Since the content you select will be dependent on your niche, your market, and the data derived from your following, this article will not provide you with the specifics. Instead it will be a guide to moving in the right direction.

Step 1: Learn your niche

One of the most overlooked and obvious steps to creating a successful social media campaign is learning or honing your niche.

Are you a grocery store? A wireless retailer? A restaurant?

Your followers will come to expect content that is relevant to your business. Whether it be relevant drink recipes, a new phone release, or a menu change. Understanding what you do and finding / creating content that speaks to that industry is crucial. Give your followers something that they deem useful and they will interact, they will like, share, and keep an eye out for the next post.

People now follow thousands of accounts. Let the other accounts create and perfect content for their industries and really focus in on yours. Create content that is unique, and share content that has already proven itself somewhere else.

Step 2: Understand your followers

Utilize Data! We are now living in a world of instant analytics. Use them! And if you don’t know how, learn to. Or hire someone else to read them and react. Once you dial into your followers and learn their habits, their demographics, what content they’re responding to, and what kind of response they are having to it. You can tailor your content choices around this data. Then you can target NEW customers that fit the same demographic profile to generate new customers and more profits.

Step 3: Use content that has already proven to work

Part of your job as a small or large company is to create content. Whether you run your own blog or outsource work to freelance content writers. It’s your responsibility to make and share content.

But to be honest, you need to share others content just as much. Why? Because it works... It’s already proven to get a “viral” response, and you can be sure that it will also get a good response on your social outlets. Find content online that others have shared and had a good response (make sure it’s relevant to your niche) then share it out to your network. Pose a question that is specific to your page or company and press for engagement. Respond to the comments, give some input, be interactive. Make all your followers feel like their comments matter! They will be sure to give you more after they realize you’re actually reading them.

Step 4: Differentiate

You can’t get into a habit of posting the same stuff over and over again. You need to differentiate the content you create, provide, and share with your network. This differentiation will differ depending on the type of business you run. For example, if you own and operate a chain of grocery stores you’ll want to mix up the content you provide out to your customers. Suggestions include posting a digital coupon a couple times a month, mixed with a local promotion or in-store demo, a continuing feed of recipes, health tips, relevant articles relating to holidays and other events, as well as a steady flow of contests and follower exclusive promotions to give your followers a REASON to be apart of your network. Incentive is key when there is so much noise circulating people’s newsfeeds.

Step 5: Become a Go-to source for quality, relevant, and verified information

In a world of misinformation, it’s your job as a business to provide your followers with verified, insightful, and checked information. Give your followers a source of content they know is honest, and they will reward you. Too many fake articles, spam, and unreliable information is circulating social networks. If you are always double checking your information and supplying your followers with a stream of very relevant and useful information you can be sure they will remain loyal to your pages and provide you with the engagement you deserve to run and grow and online brand.