Let Your Employees Take The Lead on Social Media

June 03, 2016

I like social media. I'm good at social media. I make a living on social media. Many others make a living doing other things and are very good at other things, but they also now need to showcase what they do so well on social media.

For the most part , they do not like social media. They aren't good at social media. But they certainly could increase the living they make by utilizing it.

Fortunately for them a good and healthy percentage of their younger generation employees like social media. And they may already be good at it, and they certainly could make you a better living.

But how? Aren't you already frustrated with your employees using their phones on the job? Are you really comfortable enabling that sort of behavior at work?

This type of thinking will probably put you out of business if many of your employees are creative, tech savvy, and social media users.

Instead of instilling a stigma around social media and mobile usage, use it to your advantage by empowering your employees to do the heavy lifting that social media requires.

Incentivize Your Employees to Promote Your Social Media Pages on to Their Personal Network

Take some of the money you've been throwing at haphazard Facebook Ad Buys and give it to the people who matter, your employees.


Run an Internal Contest

Are you a retailer that has several locations? Run an internal contest between the stores. Whoever can push more friends, family, and customers to like their location page in a month gets paid. Give them all a prepaid gift card, a gift, or an extra paid day off. Think something up. But excite your employees to get more involved on social media. And feel free to document this contest and the winning group of employees on your pages. 

What if you are not a retailer?

How about encouraging your employees to create content. Blog articles, photos, video etc.. And pay them extra for any of their work that gets featured on your pages. You'll be shocked by how creative your employees can get when you task them with something they love to do. On top of that the employees who are creating this content will coax other employees to share their content within their personal networks. This means MORE visibility for your brand and your pages. 

What else does this do? It creates a better work environment, it's new, it's fun and it gets your employees more engaged with your company's overall mission. It all works to grow your pages, your brand awareness, and showcase what your organization can do. It can help build the work environment and overall culture of the workplace. 

This could be your water cooler if you let your employees help with your Social Media efforts ... 


take the lead on social media



Well not really, it would be really awkward if this was anyones actual water cooler... But you get the point.

Once you've grabbed the attention of your employees certain stars will rise to the occasion. Those who really understand social media. Those that you can trust to post on your behalf and consistently contribute content for your organization. These employees will be crucial to both the management of your social, the quality of your content and the humanization of your brand. 

Let them take the lead. For each one of your locations assign them the task of providing photographs of your stores, offices, people working in them, and of happy customers shopping or  doing business with you. Let them create the "social" aspect of your company and allow them to humanize your brand. Because that is what social media is for and how your business should be treating it.