Simple Solution to Generating More Positive Reviews

June 08, 2016

I am standing at Red Box, one hand on my iPhone 6 searching Rotten Tomatoes for movie ratings and reviews, the other hand toggling through film titles trying to find something of interest with favorable reviews. This all done in real time.

I find myself doing this all the time. Whether it be trying to select a restaurant for date night on Yelp, trying to select a phone case for my trip to Peru, or while shopping the health isle of my local grocery store to kick off the summer body conquest. I and others alike are making purchasing decisions in REAL TIME based on the rating or review of a product we find on our mobile while shopping. 

Most of these ratings and reviews are populated on social media.

Ratings and reviews on social media are now the number ONE factor for consumer purchasing. Unfortunately, customers who have a bad experience are significantly more likely to leave a review than a customer who has had a good experience. This lopsided ratio of good to bad reviews is most likely losing you a great deal of money. For many brands it is extremely difficult to prompt customers to leave positive reviews but fortunately for brick and mortar retailers this can be done very easily. 


Simple. Have your store associates, representatives, and workers ask your customers if they could leave a review about their positive experience. If the customer feels they have been treated well with great customer service and during that interaction the employee kindly asks them to leave a review about their experience, the chances that they leave a review increase exponentially. 

As your employees increase the number of positive reviews documented, your store's overall rating will increase. This will work to bring people who were once skeptical about shopping at your store into your store and thus generating your business more money. 

Better Online Reputation = More Money for your Business 

Tidying up your online reputation will do more than just help drive people who were once skeptical into your store. It also works to bring people who've never heard about your store into your store. 


Stores that have a lot of positive reviews populate higher on SEO searches.

Yes, if your store has 500 5-star reviews your location has a much higher likelihood of populating on a google search. 

This is worth a lot of money in itself and is a mere byproduct of properly training your employees to encourage your customers to leave reviews. 

This all ties into the overall strategy of getting your employees more involved in your social media marketing efforts. We suggest working with your employees to incentivize and track this activity. 

I Appreciate your feedback and do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about starting this process.