One logical Step to Apply To Your Marketing Efforts on Social Media

July 25, 2016

Lay out your marketing strategies on the table, then slowly seek ways to implement these strategies using social media. This is the only way to create a successful campaign. There is no cookie-cutter how to book for social media marketing solutions. It’s up to the organization to drive the initiative, then it’s up to them and those organizations they’ve partnered with to implement their objectives to fit the right social media strategy.

With a recent study demonstrating that CMO’s would be doubling their social media budgets within the next five years, social and digital marketing have never been more primed up. But the how to is becoming an ever concerning question that most can’t seem wrap their heads around. The reason is that they are looking to social media first, before ever looking inward at their own marketing strategies.

The first need is to distinguish your target audience. Is it the Baby Boomers? Millennial Moms? Or Perhaps the fresh Generation Z? Each market demands a different platform, a different campaign, and different content.

If your a food brand that wants to market to Millennial’s, you should be heading straight to Instagram. Are you an on-the-go snack brand? Then create a campaign featuring your brand on- the-go, make it fun, make it entertaining and most importantly make it make sense for your target demographic. If you are after young, busy, active millennial consumers and you have a really cool health bar then it makes sense to create a visually appealing campaign geared to exactly that. Let an influencer or two take your product on a hike or to a travel destinations, find the appropriate hashtags, put some money behind a few sponsored posts, make sure your content is kick ass, and make sure you’re interacting with your demographic on Instagram. The results will astound you. And your brand will be buzzing for the right reasons.

But what if you are targeting the older Baby Boomers? Would you head to Instagram or Snapchat? That would be a negative… Baby Boomers hang out on Facebook more. So if you’re trying to market to the older generations a Facebook sponsored post would go a lot further. Maybe some How to articles? Things that pertain to a middle age man or woman. You get where this is going? Companies first need to set their objectives internally before they can execute them externally. This can be done simply. You’ve already created a marketing strategy; you’ve already employed a  marketing team. Let them take those initiatives and let someone who is social media savvy apply them for you/

The approach for each brand on social will be very different. But as marketers put more dollars behind their social efforts and more and more important that these marketing teams understand how to apply their initiatives on a digital format! Now is a good time to start.