10 Things Customers Want from Retailer's Social Media

July 06, 2016

People are constantly on social media, but what they do on it varies. For the most part they are day dreaming and snooping on friends and family or contributing their political beliefs or inserting motivational quotes. Come on, we are all guilty. But what are we using social media for when it comes to businesses? Particularly retailers? 

1. Users use Facebook / Yelp to see if you are open

So make sure your hours are UPDATED! It’s extremely irksome to find that a Facebook or Yelp Page that claims you are open on Monday at 2pm be wrong after you traveled several miles to visit. So make sure that it is current and updated for all of your locations!

2. To get directions

Social Media is a great place to find an address via mobile and put it in your mobile GPS. It’s important to have the accurate address for each of your stores on social media!

3. To find your phone number

I don’t know many people who are flipping through phonebooks anymore…

4. To check on reviews

This is a big one. People are making decisions based on your Yelp, Google +, and Facebook reviews. It’s important to make sure your brand has a good online reputation and if it doesn’t take the organizational steps to improve it.

5. To ask questions

Facebook has become a customer service hub. Customers are direct messaging brands and writing posts on their walls to ask questions and be social with their favorite shops. It’s your job to be friendly and responsive.

6. To check into your store and share it with their friends

Shoppers love to check into their favorite stores and let everyone know what they are doing. If you don’t have a page for each one of your stores these check-ins will actually create Facebook location pages… This is not good for your brand if you can’t monitor it.

7. To Learn more about your organization

Social Media is a great place to tell your story. How did you start, what do you sell, how does your store look? This can all be done on story telling platforms such as Facebook or especially Instagram. Instagram is a platform all about telling your story visually. If you have a visually appealing products, and a great story to tell this is where you want to start.

8. To get deals

Facebook is a great place to provide value to your customers. And your customers are willing to give you personal information for coupons, promotions, and contests. So utilize social media to create these promotions and get your followers involved.

9. Information

Was there a recall on a certain product? Is there something going on in your industry? Is there a new phone release? A recipe you want to share? Your customers look to your page for interesting information pertaining to your industry. They want to learn new things and be the first to know interesting news they can share out to their friends and family.

10. They want to support you

Yes, they want to show that they love your store and they do that by following your accounts, commenting, liking, sharing, and leaving positive reviews and feedback. And this is all priceless. Your presence and responsiveness will help to build loyalty and that in turn creates lifelong customers and ambassadors.