STOP “Selling” on Social Media

August 18, 2016

Have you ever been constantly tagged in the same promotional event on Facebook by the same people? Have you come across people and brands begging you to buy their product or try their services? Have you ever been more annoyed by these people and promotions?

Never before has it been so easy for people/businesses to promote, pump, and sell their products and services. But with this opportunity comes the pushy sales people, the scammers, and the big promises. And sometimes it feels like they are overtaking newsfeeds and killing the social media vibes.

Does this mean your business is annoying people on social media? Does it mean that your brand’s social presence is actually hurting your organization? The answer to this question absolutely may just be yes. And if you have to think twice about this you should probably swan dive like an Olympian deep into how your brand is being portrayed on social media.

So what does this all mean? Does it mean that promoting your products and services on social media is not going to work? No, not necessarily. It just means that your brand is most likely going to need to be a bit CREATIVE.

How? Let me give you some examples!

1. Partner with digital influencers

What is a digital influencer? Is it some hipster photographer kid with 15K followers? Maybe…

A digital influencer is a photographer, celebrity, blogger or product reviewer that has a large following in a niche category. There opinion plays a large role in the purchasing decision process of their loyal following. And if you’re a small brand these digital influencers will think of cool creative ways to authentically promote your product to their peeps. What this means for your brand is great content, and potential sales. 

2. Use Social Media to be social with your customers

Nobody wants to be sold to by their “friends” on a daily basis… Sure if you have some value to offer up, share the wealth. But otherwise keep your salesmanship in your cubicle. Why? Because people aren’t looking to be attacked, spammed, and targeted to buy products and services. It’s much more advisable to create a fun story, create great imagery, and talk about trending concepts and events.

Examples? Think Red-Bull. What do you recognize them for on social media? Is it a laundry list of the product attributes? No… It’s a crazy video of some extreme sports guy, most likely in a squirrel suit barreling 200MPH through every nook and cranny of some mountain range in God knows where... And what does this have to do with sales? Pretty much nothing. But I just watched the video four times, forwarded it to three group chats, and wrote a blog referencing it… See my point. Good content isn’t selling anything. It’s giving your followers an experience with the brand tagging along… So start “tagging” along with your content and stop being the focal point of it.

3. Be Real – Be Fun – Stand for Something

So what if you don’t have “Red Bull Money” and you can’t suit up extreme sports legends and fly them around the world? What can you do? You can still create cool content and be a cool brand on a budget.

Creating content can be free if you set some time aside to think. And if you don’t have the time... There are a ton of great resources, freelancers, and young people eager to show you the ropes of social media and content creation.

Create a contest. Create friendly competition between followers. Talk about what Pokémon showed up at your grocery store or wireless retailer. Literally talk about anything that’s semi-interesting… Just stop selling your product.

Before you post about how “enter product here” has this, that, and the other thing and you can get all of that for only $60 dollars! And be quick because there is only so much time and limited resources. Think about what you’re saying and for a moment think what value does this message have to my current and potential customers.

The reality is you’ve been running this add for 8 months. How limited are your resources…? Or how ineffective is your social selling.

I, and many others, are far more likely to buy from brands that keep us entertained, interested, and engaged. A brand that wants to take our money at every chance is not a brand I want to subscribe to.  

Be Creative. Be Fun. Be light. Be social. And your sales will take care of themselves