B2B Marketing on Social is a Growing Priority

September 13, 2016

B2B marketing on social media is nearly a must-do for 2017. With more and more competition and more advanced social media platforms, the time is now for your business to start marketing on social.

But how?

Most of us have “dabbled” with sponsored or paid posts on Facebook or LinkedIn. A big misconception is that dabbling is going to yield results, an even bigger one is that if a business doesn’t yield results after dabbling that they never will yield results. Social media takes trial and error. And for B2B needs it takes time, dedication, and a bit of failure.

Step 1. Define Target Audience:

This should be an easy one for most businesses. At this point you know who your targets are and most platforms have the data necessary to go after these exact prospects.

Step 2. Define Content that Works:

Figure out the content matched with copy that can draw the most attention. This is where trial and error comes into play.

You’ll need to derive several posts with several different types of messaging directed at the same target audience. And you’ll need to spend real money (doesn’t have to be an arm and a leg) to test the various imagery and messaging. After this is completed for several posts you will have a good idea regarding what your target audience wants to see and hear.

Step 3. Form Authentic Relationships:

A crucial factor into turning over B2B sales on social media is building strong relationships with your potential clients before selling to them.

How can this be done?

The number one factor you’re going to need is time. Number two is positive, useful, and insightful content. And number three is the willingness to interact with your potential clients for a period of time before expecting to get a sale.

If you’re constantly producing provoking and engaging content, interacting with your prospects without the need to “sell,” and developing a relationship over a period of time there’s a good chance that some of these relationships will result in sales. The key is to draw the relationship out, be social, be authentic, and when the timing is right things will pan out for your business.

Step 4. You Need to Spend:

How much are you willing to allocate to social media? Cash, people, and time are all apart of this spend. Are you willing to allocate money to test messaging and imagery? Are you willing to hire an agency or allocate a role to an employee that focuses on digital?

These are questions that are all key to your success with B2B marketing on social. The truth is that B2B on social is a tremendous opportunity but in order for it to work for your business you must allocate the resources and spend the time necessary to make it all work.