Stop Selling on Selling your Services on Social Media

February 15, 2017

People shop online. And people are looking for new brands while browsing social media. But social media is suppose to be a fun activity that consists of some humor, cool stories, Monday motivation, taco Tuesday's, meme's, and interesting ideas. You get the idea. When someone is trying to unwind and have a bit of fun, sponsored posts that aim to sell users a service are a huge turn-off.

Many companies are force selling their brand and services on social media and it's forcing users to sub-consciously black out their content. This is a hard pill to swallow, especially for those companies putting a lot of money behind their social "advertising."

What this means for companies is a whole lot. Why? Because the traditional marketing and advertising ploys that have worked on billboards and radios/ TV ads are becoming increasingly less relevant. Social media needs to be treated as a separate marketing entity. 

When you're spending your social media marketing dollars your business needs to think progressively. The content your brand is sharing and creating should fit the social media mold. Light, fun, interesting, entertaining, and highly creative. You should be sharing a social media experience that will have users seeking out your page. Not because they need or want to buy your product but they genuinely enjoy your content. By making them loyal followers, when the time comes that they need your product or service they will seek you out and become loyal to you. This also makes for a very natural and authentic sale and makes your customers feel a bit closer to you. 

There are a lot of brands that do this very well. They understand that social media isn't a traditional marketing tool but rather a place to listen, talk, and interact with current and future customers. And a way of creating trust for your brand. If you avoid selling them and instead give them something to read, laugh at, and enjoy together your brand will be atop their list when the time is right to purchase.

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