How Businesses Can Grow their Social Media Reach

March 01, 2017

Getting followers is no easy task. Businesses all over, in all industries have put an emphasis on growing their reach for 2017. But some are still striking out, while others are rounding the bases time and time again. It’s incredibly important to grow your social media accounts. Whether that growth be massive or small incremental gains is up to you, but either way you need to be trending in the black or you’re just doing something wrong.

Four steps to growing your business following:

1.     Create engaging, high quality, curated content

This one should be a no-brainer, but to this day we still see very large companies posting out below average, outdated content to their social media feeds. We don’t want to name names but these companies are definitely hurting their brands. Instead of making the proper investments necessary to curate content or have it curated by others they are choosing to use “user generated” content or poorly curated content created by their in-house marketing team. Brands should be super keen upon creating the highest quality and most unique content in order to strap their consumers in and have them become long-time followers.

2.     Collaborate

Influencer marketing is a huge piece of marketing strategies for 2017. Pairing up with your favorite athletes, foodies, bloggers, adventurers, etc… can give you a big edge to tapping into their respective niche and gaining their followers. But outside of these massively popular influencers, there is a micro-influencer base of bloggers, foodies, and adventurer’s eager to represent your brand on their platforms, and sometimes willing to do it in exchange for the cost of goods. No matter how big or small your budget is, there is a way to tap into this market.

3.     Paid Posts

Sponsored Ads have become absolutely standard for businesses on Facebook. It’s important to be spending a minimum of $20 per post pushed out to your feed in order to get the impressions necessary to receive engagement and new followers. The more the better.

4.     Social Interactions

Another key to growing your social media is being an active social media user. This means having someone that can comment back, like comments, respond quickly, and more importantly interact with other brands, large accounts, and users to assure that you are patting them on the back when they share something great. This is your way of contributing. Why would you get interactions if you’re not giving them? It’s kind of a logical thing, but severely overlooked.