Recent Changes to Facebook and Instagram

May 30, 2017

Algorithms and functionality for both Facebook and Instagram have been changing rapidly. And with these rapid changes users and businesses are fearing the unknown. Engagement has decreased, with the exception of that one “viral” post, if you’re lucky… New features have been added: Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Stories, and those features have been giving additional functionality – Filters, Locations, URL capabilities. All of this is both confusing and exciting. But what does it all mean for your social media accounts?

Improvements made on the platforms will mean improvements made for the user experience. We thought it would be beneficial to inform you of how to best prepare for these changes.


1. Quality Content

Content should always be your first priority. But now more so than ever. Why? Because Facebook and Instagram are doing whatever they can to increase the user experience. First and foremost being showcasing content that is relevant to their interests but also of the highest quality and accuracy. They are now scanning images to figure out what kind of camera was used, does the copy match the imagery or video, are the hashtags accurate? Is this spam? Salesy? Is this information useful to the users…?

Large steps need to be taken by your business to assure the fact that the content that is being created for your business is up to par with the new standards. Photos/video should be taken on the latest mobile devices or equipment and should be edited appropriately to fit your profile.


2. Start Taking Advantage of the New Functionalities

Stories, Live, Location Base, URL functionalities etc… Your business should be using these functionalities weekly, with intentions of using them on a consistent basis. Whether it’s simply sharing a link to your latest blog post or social post or keeping your following up to date with news happening in the industry this is a great function to get a competitive edge and Facebook and Instagram will be rewarding users that are properly using this functionality!


3.  Start Working with Influencers NOW

The need to work with bloggers and social media influencers is at it’s peak. With many businesses utilizing this avenue for marketing it’s important to jump on and build long-term relationships sooner than later. Figure out what kind of influencers would be impactful for your business and begin the process of reaching out now!