Facebook Ad’s for Retail Businesses: Geo-Targeting

July 05, 2017

You’ve taken a few cracks at Facebook Ad’s and burned a few hundred, maybe thousands of dollars in the process. Your business has written it off as an expense, and you’ve written it off as a useless way to generate sales for your business.

Truthfully, most businesses are in a similar position because they haven’t figured out how to fully utilize Facebook Ad’s. Particular using Geo-Targeting for retail businesses.


What’s Geo-Targeting?

Geo-Targeting is a feature that Facebook has added to their Facebook Advertising targeting portfolio. It allows you to target customers based on their location using a postal code. You can also add a bulk number of postal codes if you’re targeting multiple locations. This is perfect if you are a retailer and are strictly trying to attract customers to a specific location.

You can target people that live in a 5, 10, 20-mile radius of your business, people that are just passing through, as well as build out your target demographic. Essentially, the only eyes that will be on your advertisement will be people that can physically make a stop in at your retailer! And you can manipulate that even further by changing age, gender, and interest range. The more defined your target audience is the more valuable the results of your advertising will be.

In the past you may have just been building out a target demographic that fit your business, but someone far away from your brick and mortar business would see it. They may click and take a look at your offerings, but in the end realize that it is either impossible or highly inconvenient to make a visit.

If you own a wireless retailer and you’re trying to lure customers in via social media, it’s key to make sure your advertisements are super concentrated. The goal is to get them into your store, and not into a competitor store. By using the Geo-Targeting feature, you are assuring that the customer that sees the ad will be in close proximity to your store. It’s also important to be clear as to which store you are and where they can find you. Make sure to add your address and phone number so they can contact you ahead of time if necessary.

If you’re interested in this feature, feel free to reach out directly as we can help you get a campaign started that will actually work for your business!