Why Wireless Retailers Should Utilize Instagram

March 11, 2019


So, you think you’ve got the whole social media thing down. You’re posting on Facebook, uploading videos to your YouTube channel, and even sharing some business articles on LinkedIn. But, what about Instagram? You may be neglecting one of the most beneficial platforms for your wireless brand. This blog will give you eight reasons why all wireless retailers should be on Instagram.


man using phone

  1. Everyone’s using smartphones

    While sites like Facebook and Youtube were originally designed to be accessed via computer, smartphones have taken over and are changing the game for social media. Now more than ever, people are accessing the internet via smartphone. Since its inception, Instagram was designed to be accessed via app. This smartphone craze only helps the site, as more and more people will download the app, which in turn, also helps your wireless brand.

  2. Your posts are guaranteed visibility

    We know, you’re stuck in that Facebook mindset that to effectively market to your audience, it comes with a cost. But, throw that out the window and join the platform that not only lets you market for free, but everything you post is guaranteed to be seen by your followers. The app does not filter or block content the way Facebook does, so any and all posts are sure to be delivered. How can you say no to that?

  3. Engagement is higher

    Still not convinced this platform can help? Think again. According to Forbes, “Instagram delivers an engagement rate of 4.21% per follower, a whopping 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.” Is engagement something your brand is struggling with? Try the app that has been proven to drive results.

  4. Build your following through hashtags

    A hashtag. These short, simple phrases can do wonders for your brand. The best way to use these are to search for what people are already searching for or using for hashtags related to wireless. This will allow you to target people who are already interested in wireless and not waste your time targeting to those who aren’t. Businesses usually average about seven hashtags per post (Forbes).


  5. The app is your landscape

    Instagram is very visual-focused. You can use it to show off your creativity by utilizing filters, images, audio, and video to really capture the story of your brand. Followers can also scroll through your profile with ease and see smaller versions of your images without having to click on each individually.


  6. Don’t just show, tell

    Visuals are not the only benefit Instagram offers. A caption is just as important as the image or video it accompanies. Many brands use humor, personalized stories, or pose questions to engage their followers and encourage them to interact with their posts. Be creative and make it relatable!


  7. Give the inside scoop

    Instagram users love to see the brands they like in action. Whether it’s showing examples of day to day work, or the new phone accessories that just went on sale, seeing anything behind-the-scenes gives trust to your brand, and also helps consumers relate to you.


  8. Helps your online presence

    If not anything else, making an Instagram account for your brand will at least provide yet another avenue for consumers to search and find you online. The more channels you have, the easier it will be for people to come across your content, and thus the more likely it is for you to increase engagement and turn prospects into customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making that account!