How to Respond To Reviews

November 04, 2019

Define the power of online reviews and learn how to optimize positive AND negative feedback to your company's benefit. Learn how to use online reviews to your advantage!

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Why Respond to Good Reviews?

It's best to get in the habit of responding to all reviews, especially the good ones! A five-star review means that your staff did a great job in providing a stellar experience for that customer. Then the customer took the time out of their day to write a good message promoting your company and increasing your brand's reputation. They deserve some kind of gratitude for going above and beyond right? The answer is yes! Add on to their already good experience by showing thanks and appreciating them. Chances are that customer knows exactly where to come back to if they have another opportunity!

How to Respond to a Positive Review

Alright, so a customer left a positive review...great! Now what should you write back to that customer that sounds good, but still professional? Here are three great tips on how to respond to a positive review:

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

There's no need to spend too much time writing up your response. Thank your customer for taking the time, let them know you're glad they had a good experience, and look forward to their next visit.

Use Personalization

It provides a stronger impact when a reader sees their name in a response. When people see their name it automatically catches their eye. 

Sound like a Real Person

There is a greater impact on customers knowing that someone took the time to write out a response back to their review rather than an automative response. The goal is to almost sound like a good friend and make it as personable as possible.

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How to get More Reviews

Even if your company does no e-commerce at all, it is incredibly crucial to have a strong online presence. 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations! Positive ratings and reviews will increase your company's SEO and Google ranking which is tremendously beneficial in being found by your target market.

Through our platform REVV, you can increase your companies positive reviews and at the same time decrease the negative ones. This platform is key to getting in front of the line for when potential customers search for your product/service. 

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Why Respond to a Negative Review?

Negative reviews can act as a way for companies to improve their landscape. If multiple negative reviews are being written, then you must pay attention to them specifically and provide change to the weak spot in the current system. By responding to these reviews, you're giving your company an opportunity to make up for a customer's bad experience at your store. You'd be surprised at how often unhappy customers turn into satisfied ones after responding to their review! Ultimately, you want to respond to everything that can potentially harm your brand's reputation. 

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How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Bad reviews and low overall ratings can easily turn away potential customers. In order to eliminate negative reviews, you have to understand why they're happening and also respond to them. You want to give your store another opportunity to make up for letting that customer leave unsatisfied. Here are three key tips on how to respond back to unhappy customers:

Prove that you Care

It's best practice to truly care about each and every customer regardless of how bad the review was. The first thing you should do is provide an apology for their bad experience. The best and worst thing for your company is word-of-mouth. To keep your company afloat, you want people to be saying positive things at all costs.

Refer to a Support Team

Provide a phone number or email for the unhappy customer to reach out to in regards to learning more about the problem and reaching a solution. The advantage here is to learn from the mistake and correct the practice that is resulting in unsatisfied customers.

Respond ASAP

The best way to show you're truly on your game is to have someone respond within 24 hours of the bad review. As mentioned before, bad word-of-mouth could seriously harm your company. You want to be able to solve the problem while it's still fresh before customers start to not care and move on to other things in their lives. 


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