Will Whole Foods 365 Change the Industry?

April 20, 2016

Whole Foods will launch their first 365 store next month in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Not familiar with 365? It’s a secondary[..]

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3 Ways Grocery Retailers Can Steal the Hearts of Millennial Shoppers

April 12, 2016

I’ve figured out the secret to fulfilling the needs of Millennial shoppers. They are simply looking for something convenient, affordable, gourmet,[..]

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Grocers—The Only Certainty is Uncertainty

February 25, 2016

While the retail grocery channel is undergoing a whirlwind of change, the consensus I get from industry professionals is that the only certainty about[..]

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Social Media Customer Service 101

February 24, 2016

Customer service is a growing concern of mine, especially referring to larger companies who’ve “brilliantly” cut costs by outsourcing their call[..]

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