What is the Real Cost of Not Modernizing Your Sales Force with Digital Business Cards?

September 20, 2023

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One area where innovation can make a significant difference is the tools you provide your employees to network with. Our custom-branded TracPoint digital business card offers a modern solution that can streamline your networking efforts, enhance your brand image, and drive business growth. Let’s highlight the missed opportunities your company is experiencing with NOT having digital business cards.  

  • Missed Networking Opportunities: Your employees are young, social media savvy, and live on their mobile devices. With a company digital business card, they can now share their card and all your promotions with their entire network of friends and family. The average employee has over 600 contacts in their network. If your business has 100 employees, you just expanded your potential reach for your business to over 60,000 people!

  • Lost Contact Information: Paper business cards are easy to misplace or forget about, especially in the digital age when many professionals prefer to keep their contacts organized electronically. Without a digital record of your contact information, it's easier for potential leads or partners to lose track of your details, which can cost you valuable opportunities.

  • Inconsistent Branding: Your brand is your identity, and maintaining consistent branding is essential for a professional image. Traditional business cards may not always reflect your brand's identity accurately. Custom-branded TracPoint digital business cards allow you to showcase your brand elements consistently, reinforcing your brand identity with every interaction. And it all starts with a branded icon that sits right on the home screen of your customer devices. 

  • Wasted Resources: Printing traditional business cards incurs ongoing costs, from designing and printing to shipping and storage. Additionally, it's not an environmentally friendly practice. By transitioning to digital business cards, you can reduce these expenses and align your business with sustainable practices, which can be a valuable selling point for eco-conscious customers. In most cases, the cost of going digital is actually less expensive than ordering paper business cards!

  • Limited Analytics and Follow-Up: Paper business cards provide no insight into how recipients engage with your information. Custom branded TracPoint digital business cards, on the other hand, offer analytics that can track when and how often your card is viewed and which promotions are doing the best amongst customers. This valuable data can help you prioritize communication to specific locations, interests, and needs in your network.

  • Missed Opportunities for Personalization: Traditional business cards lack personalization options beyond your name, title, and contact details. Custom-branded TracPoint digital business cards can include multimedia elements, such as videos, links to social media profiles, and personalized messages, allowing you to make a lasting impression and stand out from the competition. Your employees can feel valued in a company that gives them their very own card and means of building and maintaining critical relationships.

  • Reduced Competitive Edge: In a world where digital transformation is driving business success, not adopting innovative tools like digital business cards can put you at a disadvantage. It may signal to potential clients, partners, and competitors that your business is not keeping up with modern trends.

In conclusion, the costs of not implementing custom-branded TracPoint digital business cards go beyond just missing networking opportunities. It includes lost contact information, manual data entry inefficiencies, inconsistent branding, wasted resources, limited analytics, missed personalization opportunities, and a diminished competitive edge. To future-proof your networking efforts and maintain a professional image, it's time to embrace the digital evolution of digital business cards and invest in a solution that can propel your business forward.

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