How To Prepare For Black Friday

November 18, 2019

 Black Friday is right around the corner. It's time to stop panicking and start preparing! Here are three great tips to help your company stay sane and stand out.

Email Campaign

1. Utilize Social Media

Did you know that about 3.5 billion people throughout the world are active social media users? That's a lot of people that your promotions and deals for Black Friday could potentially reach!   

Get Creative!

Create some cool, eye-popping designs that you're followers simply can't scroll past. Use big letters and large numbers to really emphasize how impactful of a deal your offering is

Get The Customers Involved 

Have fun with your Black Friday deals that will really make it worth it for consumers and your company at the same time! Run promotions where customers get a percentage off if they like and share your Facebook or social page. Set up an in-store selfie wall where customers can post a selfie with their new product right to their personal social media account. The more shares and check-ins the better!

Promotional creativity can go a long way for your customers as well as your company!

Deploy Facebook Campaigns

A great way to hit your customers during the holiday season is right in their news feed. Facebook's researchers found that 54.7% of holiday shoppers indicated that Facebook was influential in their holiday shopping! Last year, 89 million people went out and shopped on Black Friday which is up from 64 million the year before. With the amount of people going out on Black Friday rising every year, it's time to make it easier for them!

Through the Rallio platform, you can schedule boosted social media posts and directly hit your targeted audience. A key tool in ensuring your promotions and deals become effective and drive foot traffic into your store on Black Friday. 

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In Store Event

2. Host In-Store Events

Black Friday can be one of the most stressful days of the year for some people. A great way to combat that stress is to turn Black Friday into a special event for your customers. Create a festive party-like ambiance by serving complementary drinks and snacks, have a live band or DJ, and put up some holiday decorations. Your customers are already out looking for the best deals, so why not grab their attention by going all out with a cool event! 

Social Media Integration

In today's day and age, everyone with a phone is putting the cool things that they're doing on their social media. This acts as a free promotion to your event, being that all of their followers will see the post! Facebook also has a feature that allows you to check-in to stores which is another way for people to find your store during the event.

Create Relationships With Your Customers

Once there is a lot of traffic in your store, the key is to keep them busy for the duration. You don't want people walking into your store, looking around and immediately leaving. This is a great opportunity to connect and get to know your customers! 

A nice casual starting point is to create little side events such as a raffle which provides as a way to get customers involved and having fun. Feel free to reward the winner with a free accessory or gift card! It's also nice to hand out something small and free like a company branded key chain to all the participants. The key is to have them walk away with such a great experience that they tell their friends and family about it!

Employee Competition

3. Internal Competition For Employees

If you've ever worked a Black Friday, you know what I mean when I say, it's the longest day of the year. In order to have a successful Black Friday, your staff needs to be motivated, enthusiastic, and on point.

How do I keep my employees engaged on Black Friday?

Get creative and brainstorm ways to create a competition for your employees that also benefits your company. For example, whoever sells the most product within a certain period of time wins an extra vacation day or a gift card to a local restaurant. Give them an incentive to work hard and then show them your gratitude by rewarding them. 

Be the fire that lights the competitive side of your employees this Black Friday!


Are you not feeling 100% confident in your company this Black Friday?

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