Press Release: iQmetrix Integrates with TracPoint’s Mobile Business Card and Employee Networking App

September 23, 2021

iQmetrix Integrates with TP Employee Networking App tile

Beverly, MA —September 23, 2021—iQmetrix client Your Wireless rolls out TracPoint Apps across its 100-plus wireless retail stores to improve customer relationships and boost sales.

Like every retail organization, Your Wireless was faced with the daily challenge of driving new sales and door swings. The goal for every store associate hired is to generate sales while creating positive, long-lasting customer relationships. This challenge can be tough to meet at times. To help achieve these goals, iQmetrix client, Your Wireless, has implemented TracPoint Apps, which leverages the biggest asset any retailer has in driving sales - their employees.

With the TracPoint Apps platform, retailers can now replace antiquated paper business cards with a modern, digital solution that allows associates to connect with prospective and existing customers across multiple channels, including social media, email, and text, in addition to face-to-face interactions.

The app includes the organization’s branding, promotions, personalized digital business card for each employee, store locator, in-app messaging, detailed analytics, and much more. The platform even has a built-in referral function that allows customers to easily refer their sales rep to friends and family for new business. Employees can share their personal digital business card within seconds with the click of a button—or the scan of a QR code—without customers needing to download an app.

Brian Schatzel, Executive Vice President of Retail at Your Wireless, said, “The TracPoint Apps platform allowed us to eliminate paper business cards so we can continue to do our part to help sustain the planet. The feature that will help us grow our business is the built-in referral functionality, which allows our customers to easily refer new business directly back to the salesperson. The integration with iQmetrix also makes it super-easy to manage the app across our organizations.”

With the platform now integrating into iQmetrix’s intelligent retail management system, iQmetrix clients can effortlessly sync all their employees and location information seamlessly into their own company-branded mobile TracPoint App.

Brad MacArthur, President of TracPoint, said, “We are excited about this ongoing partnership with iQmetrix. The opportunity to partner with iQmetrix allows us to provide an innovative solution to drive sales that every retailer needs in this rapidly evolving digital world.”

iQmetrix is North America’s leading provider of intelligent retail management solutions designed to power the telecom industry. Through its partnership with TracPoint, iQmetrix’s clients can now provide their employees with a truly innovative marketing tool to drive customer loyalty and new business.

Joanne Helm, Vice President of Partner Management at iQmetrix, said, “iQmetrix has always valued our partnership with Tracpoint, which is now going on a 12-year tenure. Their latest solution TracPoint Apps is yet another example of this company’s innovation throughout the years. We’re proud to be integrated with a business that is solving retail pain points for our clients.”

See how the TracPoint Apps platform can help you leverage the power of your employees to drive sales. Learn More


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TracPoint provides innovative digital marketing programs and services designed for multi-location retailers to measure and drive sales. Working with thousands of wireless retailers across the US and Canada, our suite of products now integrated into iQmetrix, allows for increased results and improved user experience. TracPoint services include, Mobile Web Apps, Rallio Social Media platform, REVV – Reviews Generator, and Digital Coupons.  For more information please visit

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