Do your new employees already feel temporary?

June 21, 2022

Reducing Turnover by Providing Your Employees With Innovative Technology to Succeed

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Imagine you're a new rep starting a brand new job. You're super excited, energized and ready to start proving your worth. You spend several days in training, then make your way out to your store. You want to tell all your friends and family about your new sales position, but find out that your company only provides you with a generic paper business card; one that you have to hand write your name on. How does that make you feel? Maybe the company doesn't want to invest a few dollars on personalized business cards or more modern technology because they don't expect you to last in the job? You may be thinking, how am I supposed to network with friends, family, and customers to generate sales? How does this generic paper business card help me be successful?

Now let's flip the scenario. On your very first day, you're given your very own App with a digital business card. One that lets you immediately share to your friends, family, customers and prospects. The digital business card will help drive referrals, share promotions, generate and share company social media content and bottom line: increase sales.

If you want to build customer loyalty you need to focus on the customer experience. The same goes for creating employee loyalty and tenure.

Retailers in 2022 need to be equipped with the latest technology in order to engage their sales people and their customers. The Tracpoint Apps platform is a tool designed specifically for wireless retailers to create loyal customers and increase sales. 

Each App is custom to your brand and packed with features. Instead of listing every one, we put together a list of some of the apps most effective tools that will help you reach your sales goals in 2022.

App graphic (15)Digital Business Card

Are your sales people still using paper business cards? It's 2022. It's time to be honest with ourselves and admit, that paper business cards are not a cost effective way to network. You order a box of 500 for each employee and 90% of those end up in the trash. It's time to modernize your sales force. The app can be loaded onto the customers device in seconds giving them access to one-touch calling, email, Google reviews, social media pages and so much more.


13Store Locater 

It goes without saying that your brick and mortar locations need to be easy to find. The TracPoint app includes a location tab, which displays your closest locations for the customer, so they can navigate there easily. It also includes your store's contact information and store hours.

14Custom Promotions

97% of consumers look for deals when they shop. 91% said they would share a promotion with a friend or family member if given the chance. 77% spend $10-$50 more when shopping with a discount. Help new customers get their foot in the door with a little incentive. Create and track promotions that are customized for your brand within minutes using the apps promotion designer. 

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15 Push Messaging

More direct communication with customers is an essential part of the formula when it comes to customer loyalty. Deliver messages to your app customers inside the app. Include promotions, events, and more! You can even filter messages by device type, carrier and more!

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16 Referrals 

One of the mot cost effective ways to gain a new customer is through referrals. Let your customer advocate for you. In the app, customers can refer you by sharing your digital business card to their friends and family with the click of a button.

App graphic (14) Online Reviews

As we move along in 2022, consumers are going online for almost everything. For retailers, that means your online presence needs to be on point. The first place your customers are going to look for before they shop with you, are your online reviews. They want to know what to expect. The app allows your customers to leave a review on Google or Yelp with just one click. No need to search for your page.

App graphic (12)

17 Omni-Channel Shopping Solutions

Retailers have to be as flexible as ever. With the pandemic still lingering, every customer has different expectations for retailers. Connect your customers to your online shop, give access to your device trade-in page, or give customers the ability to schedule an appointment. Add any mobile link you’d like to add functionality and features to your app! 

It's clear that 2022 has brought new challenges for wireless retailers. We want to give you a comprehensive tool that will equip your business to face the remainder of the year and beyond head on!

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