Employees Who Have Access to Innovative Technology Are More Likely to Stick Around

October 18, 2022

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As a new sales representative, it is important to have a professional business card that represents them and their new job. In training, they learn all about the company and how to sell your products. Finally, they make their way to the store and are typically given generic temporary paper business cards where they handwrite their name on the back, each time they give their card out. This is their first introduction to customers and they want to make a good impression. Unfortunately, the generic nature of the card makes it seem like they're not important or that they're not a real employee. The company may not want to invest in personalized business cards or modern technology because they don't expect the new sales rep to last in the job. The employee may be thinking, how am I supposed to network with friends, family, and customers to generate sales? How does this generic paper business card help me be successful?   

Now imagine if on their very first day on the job they were given their own App with a personalized digital business card. This App would let them immediately share their contact info with friends, family, customers, and prospects. The digital business card would help drive referrals, share promotions, generate and share company social media content, and bottom line: increase sales. 

Wouldn't that be awesome?

If you want to build customer loyalty you need to focus on the customer experience. The same goes for creating employee loyalty and tenure.

In order to stay ahead of the competition and engage with their customers, retailers need to be equipped with the latest technology. TracPoint Apps is a platform designed specifically for wireless retailers that helps create loyal customers and increase sales.

Each App is custom to your brand and packed with features. Instead of listing everyone, we put together a list of some of the apps most effective tools that will help you reach your sales goals. 

Digital Business Card: 

It's time to admit that paper business cards are not a cost-effective way to network. They are inefficient and outdated. You order a box of 500 for each employee, and most of them end up in the trash. It's time to modernize your sales force and use digital business cards. The app can be loaded onto the customer's device in seconds giving them access to one-touch calling, email, Google reviews, social media pages and so much more.

Store Locator: 

Make sure your store location is easy to find on the TracPoint app with the location tab. The location tab on the TracPoint app makes it easy for customers to find your store. The app also includes your store's contact information and store hours. The app can be loaded onto the customer's device in seconds giving them access to one-touch calling, email, Google reviews, social media pages and so much more.

Custom Promotions:

Did you know that 97% of consumers look for deals when they shop? 

Customers love discounts, and with 91% of them saying they would be willing to share a promotion with a friend, it's easy to see why creating promotions is essential for retailers. With 77% spending an extra $10-$50 when shopping with a discount, it's clear that giving customers incentives to shop is a great way to increase sales. Create and track promotions that are customized for your brand within minutes using the apps promotion designer. 

Push Messaging: 

Push messaging can do amazing things for your business and is essential for keeping the connection with your customers strong and relevant. 

  1. Keep your customers in the loop by delivering messages directly to them inside your app!
  2. Promote events, products, and more inside your app to keep your customers engaged!
  3. Filter messages by device type, carrier, and more to ensure that your customers are getting the most relevant information!


Referral programs are one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire new customers. By providing your customers with a way to easily refer to their friends and family, you can significantly increase your customer base. In the app, customers can refer you by sharing your digital business card to their friends and family with the click of a button. This makes it easy for them to spread the word about your business, the growth of your customer base will be quick and efficient. 

Online Reviews: 

Retailers have to be as flexible as ever in order to meet the needs of their customers. Some customers may want to connect with the retailer online, others may want to trade in their devices, and still, others may want to schedule an appointment. By adding links to these different functions, retailers can make it easy for their customers to get what they need.

We want to give you a comprehensive tool that will equip your business in a way that guarantees success and connects you with your customers in a way that’s long-lasting.

To view a quick video of how this innovative TracPoint App platform can help your business click here: 




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