Why You Should Keep Your Company's Online Presence Current And Correct

October 31, 2019

Clashing information on your directory listings can confuse search engines which could seriously harm your company's SEO. 

Directory Listing ImageGain Control

Did you know that your business could be listed on a website without you knowing at all? Pretty scary thought huh? You want to make sure you've claimed every listing associated with your business and add/change as much correct information.

Strive for 100% Correct Listings

At all times while operating a business in any industry, it's imperative to put yourself in your ideal buyer's shoes. When searching for your company, is your store's phone number correct? Address? Hours of operation? Your potential customers won't be able to do business with you if they're struggling to find the real you!

What should I do to fix this?

First, you need to gain control of your listings if you haven't already. Next, we need to figure out where there is misinformation. Our directory listing services will tell you exactly what information is displayed for your company across 48 different listings.

Check Your Listings


Reduce Your Bad Reviews 

If your company has incorrect information online, it could really frustrate your potential customers! Imagine driving to a location and realizing your not even close to the right store because the store's address is wrong on their Google page. This might incline that person to leave a bad review about your company's organization management. This then becomes a chain because other people will see these bad reviews and immediately go elsewhere! Ouch!

Even if I correct my directory listing information, won't the reviews still be there?

Correct but TracPoint has the solution! Through our platform REVV, you can increase your companies positive reviews and at the same time decrease the negative ones. This platform is key to getting in front of the line for when potential customers search for your product/service. Sound interesting? Click the button below for more information!


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Stay Active on Your Pages

Did you know that staying active on your Google page directly results in showing up higher when people search for your product/service? It almost works as an incentive to stay on top of maintaining your listing.

What do you mean by "staying active?"

There is no better way to stay active on your location's Google pages than by responding to reviews. If Google sees responses to reviews within a reasonable date, your company's online presence becomes prioritized because it is now trusted and seen as more credible.  


Do you feel like you have little to no grasp on your directory listings?

If so, talk to us! 

Let's gain control of your online presence, together.

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