How Ready is Your Company for Q4?

September 30, 2019

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Are you happy with your company's ability to perform in Q4? This is the final stretch before the holiday season! Confidence in company success must be a top priority. So where does it all start in today's day and age? You guessed it, online.

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Can Your Company be Found Online Easily?

Millions of people across the world utilize their preferred search engine to find the store/product they're looking for prior to going out for purchase every day. The real tragedy behind this is owning a business and not showing up as a top search result. People mainly use search engines for quick and easy solutions to their problems. Therefore, your company must make it a priority to be first in line to your potential customer's eye.

Is Your Company Information Correct Online?

Did you know that Google and other search engines don't go out of their way to make sure your directory listing is 100% correct? This could be a huge issue for your company going into Q4! In order to reach max potential, your listings must have accurate information or they will be down-prioritized by Google for the inaccuracy. Nobody wants to waste their time driving all the way to a store to purchase a new product only to realize the store is closed because their hours were listed wrong on Google. Click the icon below to check your listings now!

Check Your Listings

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Are you Getting Enough Customer Feedback?

How are you supposed to know how well your company is doing without lots and lots of detailed feedback? Successful companies understand that there is always room for improvement. Your team has to be able to listen to customer reviews and note what you're doing well to be able to stay consistent. Note what you're not doing well on, too, in order to fix those issues. It's important to have your company looking sharp online before buyer season!

Are you Ready to Respond to Reviews?

Q4 may prove to be quite hectic for buyers and sellers. The element of an easy review response system provides a simple solution for both parties. Rallio does exactly this! Social media management really has never been so easy. Your company can improve its customer relations tremendously by being able to directly stay in contact with customers. Any customer who goes out of their way to leave a review for your company deserves to be responded to!

Do you have Content Organized for Q4?

The last thing you want to be doing is running around scrambling to find clever and unique content to share! Content calendars are a great way to stay organized and ahead of the game. Whether it's the release of new products, or integration of a new service you'll know what you're publishing, where and when. Staying organized and saving time are two amazing ways to stay ahead of your competitors going into Q4. 

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